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           ”I hope you’re dressed properly,” Bonnie commented as she peeked inside the room. She gave Adrian some time to take a shower and change. He really looked like he needed a break or a vacation in Alaska. Pouted lips turned upwards into an amused smirk of her own. Head lifting up to look over at her best friend, she then smiled. Placing the sandwiches on the nightstand, Bonnie walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m a cuddler, but you’re my best friend and I’ve missed so… shut up and let me hug you!” Bonnie teased back light heartily. 

           ”I love you… well, in a brotherly way,” she felt her cheeks flush. “Now tell me everything or… if you don’t want to talk about it I can… we can watch a movie? What do you think? Or… I can call Meredith…” Bonnie suggested. “She’ll be so happy to see you again. She missed you… Just like me… Just like all of us.”


           ”You know I usually sleep naked, but since I’m a guest, I’ve managed to have some manners. All safe in here, come on in.” Adrian announced as he remained sitting on the edge of the bed, in his sleeping clothes with a towel wrapped around his neck. He still looked dreadful, with the dark circles under his eyes, red-rimmed lower lids and parchment lips, but he looked a little more relaxed. 

            A small smirk danced on his lips as he spotted the plate of sandwiches, his stomach gurgling in cue. It was along journey and even though blood was always enough sustenance, certain cravings like for home sandwiches still surface. He was about to go up and get one when Bonnie threw her arms around him. “Uh —” This was his ginger sneak currently hugging him, of course, that was all good. Adrian wrapped his arms around her in return, gently kissing the top of her head. “You know I don’t mind. And I really needed that hug, so thanks.” He smiled as he pulled apart, “I missed you too.”

            Her flushed cheeks were always adorable, one of cute traits that she always possessed. Bonnie is such a beauty, and any guy would be lucky to be with her. So in most situations, Adrian couldn’t help but be protective of her like a brother, even though the witch was well capable of taking care of herself. If that crow ever breaks her heart, he will definitely ask Merry or the entire band of guardians to break that dude’s neck. Yeah, he’ll probably throw a punch. Just one. Huge effort, really.

            “I love you too, not-so-little sister.” He grinned, patting her head. And then his own cheeks warmed up at the mention of that name. Of course, Adrian would love to see her again, but his request was adamant, “No, not today. I don’t wanna bother her today. I didn’t wanna bother you either, but you have my spare key. Besides — I don’t want her to see me like this.” Meredith will probably chastise him again. 


the motley crew; a bloodlines mix.

For Sydney, Eddie, Jill, Adrian, Angeline, Trey, and Neil; the palm springs family and all they’ve been through together.

i. let the flames begin - paramore; ii. you know me - air traffic controller; iii. things we lost in the fire - bastille; iv. keep holding on - avril lavigne; v. gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips; vi. these times - safetysuit; vii. in my veins - andrew belle; viii. wake me up - avicii; ix. lean on me - (somo cover); x. we’ll all be - the maine; xi. marchin on - onerepublic; xii. team - lorde; xiii. best day of my life - american authors



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dreams can be dangerous || will and adrian


William’s brows furrowed, his blue eyes meeting the greenest of greens he’d ever come across. From here he could see the sharp angles of this guy’s face.The flawless porcelain skin over defined cheekbones and full lips. If he wasn’t about to kill a demon right now he’d definitely make up a snarky comment about how he was too pretty for his own good. Instead he turned back to the “officer” and sighed. “I”m so sorry,officer. See here my… Cousin. He’s not the very brightest crayon in the box.” William made a tsking noise and shrugged. “Dropped on his head a couple of times I’m afraid.” Will turned to the young male with the green eyes. “Goodness,Cornelius! You can’t bribe officers with donuts. You remember what happened last time in London?” William clasped a hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently. “So I’m guessing this has to do with the horrible parking job of his?” William asked.


He thanked the hearing rune on his right bicep for being able to hear the conversation that was said earlier. If William could just get the demon back by the car where it was dark and private he could dispose of the creature without any witnesses. Well… Maybe just one. “How about we turn around and park our car correctly,Cornelius?” William asked green eyes before nodding to the officer who only grinned and nodded back. So he was a lot smarter than William had given him credit for. He knew he should have marked a glamour rune on himself but it was far too late. It was a good thing that the demon couldn’t take his eyes off of the green eyed male which was why he hadn’t notice what William was actually wearing. It was a strange look. The demon’s eyes focused on the other guy as if hungry for food. It shouldn’t have been anything new to William but this was different. He sensed it. 

William walked behind the two others almost a foot behind the other young male. What was he suppose to say to him? Hey I’m about to kill what looks like a police officer. Don’t scream? Maybe if he knocked him out before going after the demon? No. That wouldn’t do. They were just a few feet away from the car when he grabbed the male’s hand and pulled him back. “Don’t ask questions. Don’t scream. Trust me.” William whispered to him before pushing him back and grabbing another  seraph from his belt, slipping it into the guy’s hand. William was fast and soon enough he was right behind the demon lashing at it’s back and missing by a couple of inches. The demon was faster than William would have thought and it didn’t take him more than three seconds to realize that it wasn’t a Du’sien demon he was hunting.

The creature grabbed William’s arm and twisted causing a sharp pain up to his shoulder. Years of training kicked in and William brought one of his legs up to kick the demon right in the chest making it stagger back. William quickly bent down to retrieve the seraph blade that had fallen from his grasp and as he straightened up the demon was already coming at him. He jumped on top of the car making the demon miss. “Oh come on you slow poke!” William taunted. “You’re slower than my grandmother and she’d kick your ass with a broom in her hand!” William jumped off and brought his blade across the demon’s chest, ichor oozing out of the new wound. The stench of garbage filled the air as William went back to cut off the creature’s right arm. A loud obnoxious whail came from the mouth of the demon before he ran towards the green eyed male and wrapped his only arm around his neck. William stopped in his tracks and met those green eyes once more. The demon started to laugh.

He was more engrossed to the fact that he has never seen a demon before. Now that he was made aware, the image was becoming more and more vivid, like fluid layering around the cop’s body — now showing that he wasn’t actually human. What was that fancy term for humans that Clary told him? Ah, yes. Mundane.

Adrian was starting to realize how much he missed, that he should have listened when these discussions about demons and what not have come to play. He stopped paying attention when his kind were placed under the category of Downworlders — he felt a little discriminated right there. Although now, being inundated to the situation made his mind reel for possible things that he could do to save himself. Is there anything that he could do with spirit? The gentle grasp on his shoulder earned the stranger a side-glance, quite razor sharp at the name that was conjured in impromptu.

Cornelius, really? Squinted green eyes marginally widened for a pointed glare, gathering all the sheer will power to stop himself from suggesting to be called Jet instead. With a small crinkle over his nose, Adrian knew he had no choice but to play the role of the imbecile as described, nodding vigorously with a pout, “I can’t even divide twelve by two — disgraceful.” Although as much as he’d enjoy a good exchange of snarks, he’d really want the Shadowhunter to get into action. 

"See, I’m the only dumbass in the family." A little true, uttered straight from the heart, "Thank god for my smart cousin right here, the parking’s gonna be fixed in no time. So if you’ll excuse us, officers?" He announced with a playful salute, pivoting towards the parking lot. With his enhanced hearing, he can easily tell that none of his friends were within the area, not yet anyway. The demon’s eyes were still on him, glued like he was some prey, and all that while he was trying to make his will work, but spirit only bounced right back to him. He wasn’t sure if he just wasn’t strong enough to extend the depth of his skill, or it just doesn’t work on these creatures at all. It was starting to be difficult for Adrian to make a move, his legs feeling a bit frozen in fright. Of course, he was a little relieved of the help that just came, but there was no solid reason to just trust Buckingham right here — or if he cared about collateral damage. 

Once they were set aside, Adrian was admittedly taken aback as those dark blue eyes held his in a tight gaze, speaking words that he could only say yes to in a crisis situation like this one. What else would he say? Adrian never really had a proper guardian, and so he never had something that Lissa and Rose or Jill and Eddie has. He has never really placed his life willingly on someone else’s hands before. Trust — that was almost foreign to him. Still, the Moroi managed to hiss out, “Sure, but call me Cornelius again and I’ll kill you in your sleep.” 

Adrian remained by the car, the movements too fast, he could almost just see blurry streaks in between blows and kicks. He wouldn’t deny that he was actually entertained, despite seeing guardians in action almost every time. There was something so cool about the way the stranger moved — so fluidly precise like a ninja. Maybe this was what Malachi Wolfe was like during his younger days. 

He winced as he caught glimpse of the Shadowhunter’s twisted arm — and he wondered if he could help with that later, but he instantly remembered about the healing runes that these guys were quite handy to possess. He hissed a yes and howled once the stranger broke free, shamelessly cheering for him. Right now, he was glad to be the audience, and might actually ask for an autograph if things go well after these shenanigans.

His fingers curled into a fist as he heard that wild wail, and for a second there Adrian thought it was victory. Not until he found himself entrapped within a strong arm, pressed against the demon’s disgustingly soaked body. Instead of panic, full scorn filled Adrian’s face, completely displeased to stain his precious Armani. “Ugh, what the hell —” He cut himself off, realizing he was actually patronizing the creature that was trapping him with that expression, or any swear word for that matter. What the heaven doesn’t sound right either and so he just grunted nothing. The grating laughter was irritating more than anything.

"—- so what now?" He asked, this time fear starting to crawl in, and he just wished there was something else that he could do. His attempt to elbow his way out of that grip wasn’t working and it’s already been established that his compulsion wasn’t strong enough in this situation — the other skills he was bound to learn were still getting dusty in the untouchable corners of his mind. "Hey, no pressure, buddy. Take your time."


Max Irons


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Learn the word ‘No’ and stick by it.


Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they’re being ‘pressured’ into doing things they do not want to do, and I want to make sure things like this cease to happen.

Even if you’re the eager to please, want-to-make-everyone-happy type, YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST.

Here are some important things that everyone needs to remember and realize:

  • You’re allowed to have a comfort zone and you should never feel pressured or obligated to go outside of it.
  • If you are not comfortable, you have the right to say no and cease the activity at any point in time.
  • If someone is pressuring you, you have every right to tell them ‘no’ with no obligation for giving an explanation. If someone continues to bother you about it, they’re nearing harassment, and that’s not cool.

If you’re ever feeling pressured, here is something to say:

I do not appreciate you constantly bringing this subject up when you know I will not do it and it does not make me comfortable. I would very much appreciate it if you would stop bringing it up and respect my right to say ‘no’.

Though people may become angry or upset at you telling them ‘no’, as many people I’ve seen do, just block them. It’s not worth your mental health or being stressed about. 

Also, do not think you cannot get out of situation because you said ‘yes’ at first. You can always revoke that yes. Always. ALWAYS.

If this is ever the case, here is something to say:

I know I agreed to doing this at first, but I am extremely uncomfortable and no longer want to do it.

Simple. And again, if someone gets all in a huff because of it, just block them if need be. You don’t have to tolerate negativity because you said no. 

I also want people to know that even if the roleplay is overall amazing, but some things your partner has asked you to do lately is making you uncomfortable but you don’t want to lose this amazing roleplay—ITS. NOT. WORTH. YOUR. HEALTH.

I guarantee you that you can find a better roleplay partner who respects you and your decisions AND give you just as an amazing, if not better, roleplay, too. So, please, please understand this.

To the people who are guilty of pressuring people into doing something they are not comfortable with—shame on you. Shame on you for pushing someone out of their comfort zone to cater to your wants. It’s incredibly rude and I want to throw my keyboard at your face every time I see it happen or someone approaches me telling me that their partner is doing this to them.

Don’t be an ass. Like, just don’t. Respect people’s right to say no, especially when roleplay is a HOBBY. No one has to do anything they don’t want to do, especially in something that is supposed to be fun. 


You can say no and you shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it, and throw your keyboard at people who are mean to you because you said no.


                A Vampire Academy AU Group Verse

After the attack on St. Vladimir’s, Queen Tatiana and the Council took immediate action in hopes of four different groups of their world coming together and finding a way to better work together and keep the Moroi world safe; from both humans and Strigoi. Ten each of Moroi, Dhampirs, Alchemists, and Keepers were hand selected by the Queen and taken to a private island to work together and come to agreement with what all needs to be done to better protect each group and work together as a whole. Without contact to the outside world, the ability to leave the island, or an internet connection - can these four groups truly come together and fix the world of which they live in? Will they be able to listen to one another and learn to trust each other enough to be productive? Or will the Moroi world find itself in more trouble than before from lack of trust between the groups? 

                        How Do I Join?

Start out here [x] where you can find the full plot, rules, F.A.Q., and application!
Check out the master list [x] where you can see what positions are still available.
Send in your application [x] once you’ve read through everything.
Browse through other applications [x] to meet the other players characters. 
Or just take a gander [x] through the island map as a whole!

                  But I'm not a Canon VA Player!

Hey that’s more than okay! If you’ve read at least some of the books and understand the world enough to meld your character into one of the four groups in an open spot? Go for it! We’d love to have characters from other fandoms, or even OC’s! Just make sure you are extra attentive with the bio section on the application.

So grab those summer outfits and pack your bags, it’s time to see how fast a luxury ‘vacation’ can turn into a political nightmare!

“He reached out and pulled me to him, one hand on my waist and the other behind my neck. He tipped my head up and lowered his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and melted as my whole body was consumed in that kiss. I was nothing. I was everything. Chills, ran over my skin, and fire burned inside me.”


Been wanting to draw this since I first read it!


From The Fiery Heart written by Richelle Mead


Magnum P.I.