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Max Irons as Adrian Ivashkov

"You know, I’m the Queen’s favorite great nephew. Well, yeah I’m her only great nephew, but that’s not important, I’d still be her favorite…"

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I´ve always made it a rule in my life not to pick fights with children, cute animals, or ignorant old men. I will, however, make an exception for you if you ever touch or insult my wife again.

—Adrian to Nathan (Silver Shadows)


                A Vampire Academy AU Group Verse

After the attack on St. Vladimir’s, Queen Tatiana and the Council took immediate action in hopes of four different groups of their world coming together and finding a way to better work together and keep the Moroi world safe; from both humans and Strigoi. Ten each of Moroi, Dhampirs, Alchemists, and Keepers were hand selected by the Queen and taken to a private island to work together and come to agreement with what all needs to be done to better protect each group and work together as a whole. Without contact to the outside world, the ability to leave the island, or an internet connection - can these four groups truly come together and fix the world of which they live in? Will they be able to listen to one another and learn to trust each other enough to be productive? Or will the Moroi world find itself in more trouble than before from lack of trust between the groups? 

                        How Do I Join?

Start out here [x] where you can find the full plot, rules, F.A.Q., and application!
Check out the master list [x] where you can see what positions are still available.
Send in your application [x] once you’ve read through everything.
Browse through other applications [x] to meet the other players characters. 
Or just take a gander [x] through the island map as a whole!

                  But I'm not a Canon VA Player!

Hey that’s more than okay! If you’ve read at least some of the books and understand the world enough to meld your character into one of the four groups in an open spot? Go for it! We’d love to have characters from other fandoms, or even OC’s! Just make sure you are extra attentive with the bio section on the application.

So grab those summer outfits and pack your bags, it’s time to see how fast a luxury ‘vacation’ can turn into a political nightmare!

Wait - M83

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"What was it again?" My old man grumbled, not even looking at Sydney. I’d be more than okay with him ignoring me, but I couldn’t bear him not respecting my wife. 

"Coachella." My mom supplied with a soft smile on her lips, and reached for little Clara from my lap, who immediately clawed her bouncy chestnut brown curls. “It’s like a concert — a party.”

I braced myself for Sydney’s much more accurate and possibly historical explanation of what Coachella is for but my dad already cut her off before she even opened her mouth. He was looking at me like I was fifteen again, “A party. You are leaving this little girl here while you kids go for your merriment. Some things just never change.”

I was going to protest that I haven’t partied in three years, but I guess that wouldn’t make a difference. Still, I had to ground out, “This little girl is your grandchild.”

Sensing the intensity, my mom was quick enough to smooth the creases, as always, “Very well, darling.” I thought she was talking to me, but she was actually speaking to Sydney. “You don’t mind if I take her shopping, do you? I’ve always wanted a little girl to doll up.”

The picture of three-year-old me in a tutu wasn’t very pleasant, I had to down the served lemonade on the coffee table. “Geez, thanks mom.”

With an exasperated sigh, my dad decided to leave the living room. Needless to say, I’m far more relieved about that. 


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          ” You don’t give up, do you? 

          ” Do I get points for determination? 


I’d save you. But I can’t.



and all I hear is the last thing you said.

”we were just two people who cared about each other. it reminded me of what had initially drawn us together - before all the romantic complications. we connected. against all reason, we understood each other, and we looked out for each other. i’d never has a relationship quite like that with anyone and was surprised at how much i valued it.”

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