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I had never thought I could love another person this much. I also never thought I’d live in such fear of losing another person. Was this how everyone in love felt? Did they all cling tightly to their beloved and wake up terrified in the middle of the night, afraid of being alone? Was that an inevitable way of life when you loved so deeply? Or was it just those of us who walked on a precipice who lived in such panic?

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[tkau meets twd] | ally and adrian


Ally smiled at the touch of his lips against her skin, leaning in closer to savour the moment before she looked over to the considerate vampire who was pouring her a meal. Why Nik thought ill of Adrian, she’d never know. He needed to see this side of Adrian. The sweet side. Soft kisses, careful touches, and a concern that made her smile just at the sight of the vampire. How could vampires be so bad if Adrian was so good?

Ally sniffed the soup, holding the can near her chin. God, it smelled amazing. Not perfect but it was hot food, sustaining food. And Adrian cooked it so instant points. “You know, you can talk about it. I won’t freak out.” She finally said, in regards to the vampire thing. He could talk about blood, talk about people and blood bags. It wasn’t like she’d freak out about anything - she turned into a tiger at will. “Ooh, definitely something.” She chuckled at his wink, poking his bicep before she shifted closer, pressing against his side as she took a small sip of her soup. Delicious. Ally shifted slightly, turning her attention to Adrian and before she knew it, she was talking.

"I love you."

It came out before she could stop it. She’d never said that to him before. She’d never said that to someone’s face before - her friends didn’t count this time. “I.. I don’t need you to say it back. I don’t want you too. I mean, I do but.. you don’t have to. Say it, I mean, just because I said it. I just wanted to tell you because I do, and we’re in the freakin’ end of the world here, Adrian. And I love you.” And who knew if they’d have a tomorrow where she could tell him? Suddenly her soup looked really interesting and she looked down at the can that was warming her hands, her cheeks flushing a pink tint. 

"So, uhh, hunting. You think bunnies taste nice?"

Adrian was watching her closely, carefully like the way he creates a potential masterpiece on canvas. His senses were heightened and his reflexes were quick, and it was amazing to just see everything slow down at that particular moment, the piped sound of her voice, the soft thrum of her heart that suddenly picked up pace, her warm and soothing scent, the even rise and fall of her chest…. and so when those precious words broke out of her raw lips, it was just glorious. 

His unnecessary breath hitched, Adrian unknowingly reached for both her wrists, tugging her much closer that he could take in the zest of her air. She carried on speaking, and before his senses they were carefully enunciated, harmoniously blended with the rhythm behind encased within her ribcage. It was getting overwhelming that he had to halt it or he’ll float from his post.

Ally.” He gingerly pressed his thumb over her lips to stop her rambling. He wasn’t sure if he should respond either. Those words are too precious and must admit, he already forgot how it felt like to be rolled out of his tongue. He was worried if it will still be the same. The last time he fell in love like this was when he was human. Is there a difference?

Now that his heart was dead and cold, is there a chance for it not to hurt again when it gets broken? Obviously not. Naturally, he was a person of extreme emotional swings, the trait only got heightened as a vampire. But who knows? Just a few days ago, New York City was a safe place and now the people they knew kept dropping like flies, the human race in the verge of obliteration. Of course he should just seize every chance that comes his way. Hell, everyone should just tell people how they feel each time. He should probably think of getting warm and fuzzy and make absolute peace with Nik if he had to, it was the apocalypse after all.

He chuckled softly under his breath, pushing back the stray strand of her red hair and tucking it behind her ear. “I haven’t tried bunnies before. And you can probably teach me a thing or two about hunting.” He tapped her nose then kissed her lips. “By the way, I love you too.” 

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"Ugh seriously? Mom will be really over the top and make flow charts and diagrams and to do lists and i’ll never hear of anything but midterms" she groaned

"Well if that’s what you hear all the time, chances are you’re gonna be answering the right things on your exams, right?" He chuckled. "But yeah, I get what you mean. Must be torturous."

My K r y p t o n i t e || Adrian & Sydney


     Sydney raised her brows at him, a bit of amusement sparkling in her eyes. Had he almost actually called her hot? Despite feeling uncomfortable in this outfit, his reaction was enough to make her forget it. Her cheeks burned red hot and she let her gaze drop for a moment shyly.  ”I uh…thank you.” She didn’t say another word about changing and instead dumped her jeans back into the drawer and straightened the glasses over her nose. 


     She could feel Leah’s eyes burning a hole in her back as they walked out the door and before Sydney could shut it behind them she heard her yell out. “No glove no love!” Jesus… She hadn’t thought that her cheeks could get any redder. “Oh my god.” She muttered under her breath, eyes drifting to the floor, avoiding his gaze. “I’m sorry. She’s…there are no words.” She mumbled, pulling her purse tighter over her shoulder as she led the way down the hall. 

Just keep walking…don’t look back…breathe…breath...

     It was like he was released from being strangled once they’re already walking out of the door — except his windpipe constricted once again at the muffled yell from Sydney’s friend. He was just thankful it was darker outside, otherwise, his blush would have been more apparent.

     He was admittedly attracted to her physically — the things that came to mind every time he takes a glimpse of her frame with what she’s wearing right now will definitely send him straight down to hell. But this is Sydney Sage. And it’s not just because she was the class valedictorian and with a future chiseled for a professional husband in her Metropolis, but because she was the girl that he wronged four years ago. And the same one he stood up while he was busy getting high and hooking up with some girl he can barely remember. 

     In all angles, it was too far-fetched to be with her. He was contented with this. Friendship.  He was honestly not aiming for anything more even if his testosterone goes on a revolution. And must say, he was lucky she was giving him this chance. 

      “No problem. I mean, not gonna lie, guys will probably pass out once you walk into the party tonight.” He shrugged, trying to smooth out his nerves with a casual tone as he led her to his truck. “And she’s got a point. Better be safe than sorry, right?”


Summertime Sadness || Adrian & Sydney


     Class valedictorian? Was he serious. Sydney’s brows narrowed a bit in his direction but she decided against drudging up the past. After all they had barely spoken after that night. She had tried to go on as if it had never happened and clearly he had done the same. “Yep…that was me.” She mumbled in response, pushing her sunglasses back on over her eyes to cover up the anger brewing in her gaze. 


     She hadn’t wanted to admit it but she was actually having a good time. Aside from her friends excessive partying she had been able to relax and have fun. Sydney couldn’t remember the last time she had gone anywhere or done anything that didn’t involve school or work. Which was exactly why her friends had dragged her with them. “Yeah…good music and fresh air. What could be better?” She still was having a hard time believing he was still standing here making conversation with her. “You here with friends? Or your girlfriend…” Yeah, okay so she was curious. Adrian Ivashkov didn’t stay single for long. 

    He wasn’t really sure how to break the awkwardness, and the only thing he could think of was to face the memories of the past head on. Maybe at some point if this conversation lasts without her getting completely pissed off. He can’t really just say, yeah I took your v-card back in highschool, what’s up?

     The rest after that Spring Formal suddenly felt uneventful to him as he tried to remember the time he saw her last. Must be graduation day. 


    “Yeah, raw music at its best.” He smirked, nodding along at the distant rhythm from the current band that was playing. He could have said it was the flood of drinks and what not that he was actually looking forward to, but he suddenly felt the need to make a good impression. “Uh, yeah just with friends. And nope, single like a pringle.” As of the past twenty-four hours. 

     ”You?” He had a double take of the pretty bunch behind her, and surveyed if there was any guy keeping on guard, or probably one of the girls, who knows? “I mean, do you have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend, maybe?”


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My K r y p t o n i t e || Adrian & Sydney


     She still wasn’t convinced and she shook her head once more and headed back into the dorm, leaving the door open for him to follow her. “I think maybe I should just wear jeans.” She added, noticing that Leah was eyeing Adrian from her bed across the room. “Sydney you look freaking hot…you’re not getting changed.” She argued, arching a brow in Adrian’s direction. “Tell her…”

     Sydney frowned, her cheeks turning red as her roommate interfered. Already she was holding a pair of jeans in her hand but she turned, waiting for Adrian to reply. “Adrian…?”


     Yes, she admitted it…she cared about his opinion. Leah was smirking across the room, clearly enjoying watching Sydney squirm. 

     Part of him suddenly got protective, but then who was he to say anything? Math will probably pass out, considering his own legs just turned into jelly. Trying to ground himself, Adrian twisted his lip and tucked his hands in his pockets.

     Whoever that friend was definitely got him grilled under the spotlight. That was just downright cruel. But of course, he can’t deny it. She’s actually really hot. “Y-yeah well you do…” He cleared his throat, the tension thickening along his windpipe, “You look h-” He even coughed to clear his throat again, “Beautiful. You look beautiful.”


            Okay stop staring. Stop staring stop staring stop staring.

If he coughed and cleared his throat again he’d look like he’s got some sort of chest infection. So he just took another deep breath and sighed through his nostrils. ”Maybe we should go.”

Summertime Sadness || Adrian & Sydney


     Sydney rolled her eyes, he didn’t even remember her. Well this was just, great. She forced a smile as he approached wishing that a hole would appear beneath her and swallow her whole. Of course he didn’t remember her. She just gave him her virginity at the Spring Formal- no big deal. 


     ”Am I that memorable?” She teased, a bit of amusement in her voice. She glanced back at her friends who were already buzzed and it wasn’t even noon yet. Guess she was going to be holding their hair back later. “I was dragged by force, but it’s not too bad. Looks like you’re having a good time.”

     Spring Formal. Yes. 2010. Has it really been that long? But was she really this hot back then? Adrian took a step back, and had quick round check of how he looked like. Well, he was quite decent still, considering it’s still just around lunch time. He swallowed hard, tried to steady the odd racing of his chest as the memories of that night quickly paneled before him, making his head spin a little.  

     ”Uh, yeah you’re the class valedictorian, of course you’re memorable.” Among other reasons. He took a quick glimpse at her group of friends. A pretty bunch, but she’s different. He wasn’t sure if it was just the streak of sunshine, but her standing before him was just overwhelming. He coyly smirked, eyes still a little wide in disbelief, “Yeah, of course. That’s a given, but I’m glad you’re actually liking it so far. Fun starts at six though. So how’ve you been?”


      “My dad asked me to bring these?”